Bowling club from Olveston receives


Dontribution of flowers for brand-new clubhouse grand opening.A BOWLS club from Olveston have neared the final stages of its new clubhouse ahead of the opening next month, with a contribution of decorative flowers.The contribution of decorative plants for Olveston and District Bowling Club came from Almondsbury Garden Centre, along with a financial contribution of 250.


Spring flower program:


How Rio came to Harrogate, by way of the Caribbean.A CARNIVAL designer and a floral designer have collaborated to produce a tribute to the Rio video games, which will be the centerpiece at today s Harrogate Spring Flower Show.The vibrant development is made from 1,400 fresh flowers, procedures 12ft by 12ft and is thought to be the very first carnival outfit to be made of flowers and foliage.


City Bees Avoid the Unhealthy food


Prefer Flowers do bees in urban settings consume differently than their nation equivalents? With increased urbanization and less locations to forage naturally, would the city slickers feast more readily on processed-sugar junk foods than on the nectar of flowers?Those were the questions underpinning a brand-new study from North Carolina State University simply released in the Journal of Urban Ecology.


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This is good news for urban beekeepers, he stated. The honey in their hives is mostly originating from flower nectar and not old soda, which is exactly what we initially thought.The finding, the research study group composed, suggests a vital role for city flowers and green areas in maintaining healthy pollinator populations in cities.

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